HARRY FRICKER Landscape Photographer in conversation about his photographic practice in Dartmoor National Park Devon UK – 70th anniversary


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70th Anniversary 1951 -2021

Celebrating the creation of Dartmoor National Park

October 2021




Studio presents the work of three photographers whose practice is centred on Dartmoor

The online exhibition is accompanied with a series of livestream events, in conversation with the photographers / artists discussing their photographic practice and the wider context to their work.

In Conversation are inclusive livestream events where audiences are able to participate through real time chat with the photographer / artist. Questions and comments are woven into the conversation.

In Conversation is streamed over YouTube Live and Facebook Live.

We look forward to welcoming you into a participatory and inclusive forum.

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Saturday 30 October 2021 8pm – 20:00 BST UK



In conversation about his photographic practice in Dartmoor, Devon UK

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BEST IDEA EVER Landscape Photography

Coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the Dartmoor National Park, the exhibition of photographs celebrates the spirit of freedom to roam and the experience of beauty in Nature.

Photography is a most elegant medium, which I am passionate about. As an Art photography stirs emotion, as a medium of communication it conveys meaning. As a means of expression it can tell us something about the world, as well as the photographer.

Since the invention of Photography in the 1830’s, the process and technology have changed over the years, yet its principles and ability to fix light onto a surface, remain to this day. Photography has radically transformed the way we represent and interpret the world. The advent of digital photography in the 1990’s has made it ubiquitous and is probably the most democratic medium.

I love Dartmoor, its wide open spaces, its rugged landscape, dramatic rocky outcrops and sweeping sheltered valleys. At first glance this landscape may appear desolate, yet it has been continuously inhabited and managed, since the Mesolithic, when the then upland forests of alder, oak and hazel began to be cleared by hunter gatherer communities, around 10000BC.

My landscape photography is a homage to Nature, the experience of being outdoors, the heritage attached to particular sites, and our own inextricable link to the land.

Sheepstor, Dartmoor Photo © Harry Fricker

Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Dartmoor Photo © Harry Fricker

About Harry Fricker

My passion and commitment to photography and life long learning, led me to establish the Studio, the online gallery dedicated to Photography & Culture. The Studio is an independent project, aimed at advancing photography amongst new audiences.

Harry Fricker is a professional photographer and educator, based in Cornwall. He is Director of Diorama Days, Photography Workshops & Holidays. Recently he set up an innovative one-to-one online learning and mentorship photography programme using live video.

Diorama Days ‘Connecting People with their Passion for Photography’.

Harry Fricker MA (Image & Communication, Goldsmiths UOL)

Follow Harry Fricker on instagram @DioramaDays

Diorama Days

Harry Fricker Photos © Harry Fricker

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